The Wishbone was harvested in the San Luis Obispo creek which runs through the center of town.  With a little help from a crane and a chainsaw we were able to haul it back the mill. Pittosporum is a genus of about 200 flowering plants in the family of Pittosporacea. The Wishbone is a unique shape because when milling that section of the tree, its hard to get a clean cut without the middle tearing to one side. Hence the name "Wishbone." The wood is very tight in porosity and takes many months for it to become less than 10% in water moisture. 
The Wishbone has been planed four times and has been sanded with a belt sander five different times. It has incredible texture in the wood and continues to show more vibrant colors with every oil coat. It has a silky finish with the wax that would make for a perfect dining table. It's unique shape and size commands attention at it becomes the focal point of a room.


  • Length: 110 in
    Width: 32-52 in
    Thickness: 2.8 in
  • We will ship Fed EX or UPS depending on size on the product. I will also personally deliver it depending on the distance. In- person pick up is preferable.