Sandy Matthews’ earliest memories growing up included exploring some of the most pristine topography of California’s central coast. As a fourth generation rancher from Huasna Valley, CA, he grew up running wild on his families property which was littered with coastal live oaks, white oaks, and
sycamore trees in the foreground and the Pacific Ocean in the back. Stacking wood and adventuring with his grandfather to collect wood around the ranch became a regular activity for Sandy as early as age 6, but its impact would ripple throughout his life.

Being no stranger to a chainsaw, every weekend growing up Sandy would either be harvesting trees that fell, splitting wood, building or repairing fences, or felling diseased trees. This abundance of raw material
coupled with raw talent led Sandy to start small wood working projects such as building custom dance floors or doing framing projects with his friends. Always being a guy with an eye for design he then began to integrate the natural beauty of wood utilizing live edge slabs and stumps from fallen trees.


Sandy graduated from Cal Poly SLO in 2013 with a BS in Wine and viticulture and has been working in the wine industry as a vineyard manager for the last 8 years in some of California’s most prime grape growing regions. Being a vineyard manager is often more dynamic than it may seem, and as a result Sandy learned a whole separate range of skills. He spent many hours in the shop learning to weld and fabricate metal, building trailers, BBQ pits, headache racks, and custom hitch receivers. Little did he know after years of honing his metal fabrication in and out of his day job, he would be able to marry these talents with those of his woodworking abilities. Thus a unique design aesthetic with live edge carpentry, complemented by welded metal frames was born.


When asking Sandy how he comes up with his ideas for building furniture, he says he likes to spend time with people to listen to their ideas and try to bring to life the unique vision that’s in their head. In creating these custom designs, his goal is always to combine style with practical function. Using the symbiosis of coupling organic and inorganic elements, Sandy has carved a unique place for himself within furniture building and woodworking, creating one of a kind pieces that will last a lifetime.





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